Air Conditioning Service

A More Comfortable Ride

AJs Auto Repair in Ann Arbor offers air conditioning inspection and repair to Washtenaw County and the surrounding areas. Vehicle air conditioning problems are often a simple fix such as recharging the refrigerant or replacing the AC compressor.

Problems with your air conditioning belt can impact your vehicle in more serious ways because it also drives other components of your vehicle's engine. In order to prevent more serious issues down the road, It is important not to ignore problems with your vehicle's air conditioning system. We encourage you to come by AJ’s Auto Repair and get your vehicle’s air conditioning inspected for a great price. We will conduct a full inspection of the air conditioning compressor drive belt and all other related components. We will also test for leaks in all of the associated hoses, seals, and lines. We will provide you with a diagnosis and also possible solutions to these issues.

What We Service

Here at AJ's, we only use state approved air conditioning recharging equipment and coolant leak detection systems. We are trained air conditioning engineers who will service and repair any vehicle so you can get back to enjoying your drive.