Automotive Electrical Service

Diagnosis and Troubleshooting

We provide solutions to small and common electrical problems as well as more serious, advanced electrical problems at AJ’s Auto Repair. We service almost all vehicles both domestic and foreign and have extensive experience in the inspection and repair of vehicular electronics. From your power windows, power doors, and locks, to your light bulbs, we provide full service to all aspects of your vehicle's electrical system.

Combining the utilization of testing equipment that is state of the art with our vast knowledge of automotive electrical repair allows us to accurately diagnose each electrical fault and identify viable solutions. Stop by AJ’s Auto Repair in Ann Arbor for an inspection or the repair of your automobile’s electrical system.

What We Service

Virtually every system in your vehicle is electronically operated and connected in some way to one of the automobile's computers. If one system creates a fault in another, the diagnosis needs to be correct in order to fix the problem the first time.