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AJ's Auto Repair
3340 W Liberty Rd.
Ann Arbor, MI 48103
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Auto Repair Services

We offer fast oil changes using factory recommended fluids and filters, schedule today.

Have noisy brakes, or a car that doesn't want to stop; call us today for an inspection.

Too much bounce in your ride, we install shocks, struts and more, we're here to help.

Vehicle pulling either direction, uneven tire ware, it's probably time for an alignment.

Transmission Service

Noisy, or slipping transmission, we can help with that either manual or automatic.

Missing some of that zip, let us tune up your ride for better performance and fuel economy.

Want to keep your car cool all summer, come in for an air conditioning tune up today.

Electrical issues causing you trouble, we can debug the problem and get you up and running.

From fixing a loud exhaust, to catalytic converters and racing applications we have you covered.

Fuel injection systems have many things that can cause trouble, have us find the answers.

Replace leaking radiators and hoses as soon as possible, we will have you on the road fast.

Keep your Diesel car and trucks on the road with regular service.

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