Fuel Injection Service

Smoother, More Reliable Driving

Fuel injection services can greatly improve overall vehicle performance. Having your injection system cleaned will improve the fuel efficiency, horsepower, and overall efficiency of your vehicle. Carbon deposits form on the fuel injectors and fuel rails are a common occurrence that can negatively impact your engine a great deal. These types of problems are often caused by gasoline of lower quality and an irregular maintenance schedule.

We are proud to provide complete fuel injection services to the people of Washtenaw County at AJ’s Auto Repair in Ann Arbor. Come down to AJ’s for a fuel injection service and keep your automobile operating efficiently. Our fuel injection services includes a check for dirty injectors, ineffective sensors, and we will clean your combustion chambers and intake valves. This may also be an appropriate time to have a more comprehensive tune-up.

What We Service

The combustion chambers and intake valves should also be cleaned when a fuel injection service is done to remove deposits that also could be contributing to driveability issues. These deposits can act like sponges and absorb fuel, causing a hesitation when the throttle is opened.