Oil Change Service

Increase Longevity and MPG

Changing your oil is perhaps the single most important maintenance that you can perform to keep your vehicle running. To protect your engine at all times, the manufacturer recommends changing the oil and filter regularly. This helps keep your engine working properly and helps avoid costly repairs down the road. Come in to AJ's Auto Repair to get your oil changed.

Oil change service in Ann Arbor, Michigan servicing all of Washtenaw and Jackson County for years. AJ's Auto Repair specializes in oil changes, servicing most all vehicles, domestic and foreign. At AJ's Auto Repair, we are more than just brakes.

What We Service

The engine is the heart of your vehicle, as it runs, hundreds of moving parts have to work together to make your vehicle move. As the parts work together, heat is created through friction. By having oil in your vehicle, it keeps the moving parts of your engine lubricated and reduces the heat.