Radiator & Coolant Service

Keep Your Car Running Cool

Our radiator and coolant service at AJ’s Auto Repair in Ann Arbor includes a pre inspection, draining/cleaning, refilling/post inspection, and a cooling system flush. The engine cooling system in your vehicle is a vital part, as it reduces the core temperature of the engine by transporting heat away from it. This is done through the circulation of antifreeze through hoses supporting the components that generate heat. The heat is moved away from the engine and toward the radiator where the temperature is reduced.

It is important to routinely get your radiators and coolant inspected to prevent the overheating of your engine. AJ’s Auto in Ann Arbor has more than 25 years of experience providing radiator and coolant services to Washtenaw County. At AJ's Auto Repair, we are more than just brakes.

What We Service

To reduce the risk of the engine overheating and freezing, a sufficient amount of antifreeze and water must be present in the cooling system at all times. This is not the only function of the coolant system, however, it also slows the corrosion of the components as well.