Transmission Service

Smoother Reliable Driving

If your transmission is acting unusual we suggest having it looked at asap. Transmission repair can increase in cost when left un repaired for a greater amount of time. In many cases if we catch an issue before it grows larger, you can save thousands of dollars in some cases. Letting a transmission get worse can lead to internal parts breaking amnd then creating even more internal damage that can cost you far more than if it was repaired while intact.

We are proud to provide complete transmission services to the people of Washtenaw County at AJ's Auto Repair in Ann Arbor, MI. Come down to AJ's for transmission service and keep your automobile operating efficiently. Our transmission services includes a check for fluids, ineffective sensors, coolers and we will check all shifting points.

What We Service

It is always a great idea to make sure your transmission fluid is changed every 50 to 80 thousand miles or whenever the manufacturer recommends a fluid change. Transmission flush and fill will keep your car running smoother and help avoid any unnecessary breakdowns and additional repairs.