Wheel Alignment Service

Keep Running Straight and True

If your wheels aren’t completely parallel, this can cause a host of problems for you and your vehicle. Cars with improper wheel alignment often drift to one side making it much more difficult to drive straight. This can also greatly diminish the life of your tires.

AJ’s Auto Repair can help you avoid and solve these issues with the wheel alignment services that we provide to Washtenaw County and the surrounding areas. Because an offset in wheel alignment often leads to the faster wearing of your tires, you may also want to consider getting your tires checked during your visit for pressure and ware.

What We Service

Making sure your vehicle is properly aligned is critical to the tire's treadwear and performance. This should be considered routine and preventative maintenance to your vehicle to help keep the cost down on parts and tires. Make sure that your technician knows what kind of driver you are so that they can align your vehicle to the proper settings.